After Asuna saved Negi, he is sleeping at Asuna's leg, which both Konoka and Setsuna claimed Asuna won the Miss Mahora championship. 2.5k. We are currently looking into this issue. John. HOW?! She is able to partake in her graduation from middle school and was last seen with Negi outside on the school grounds, celebrating their graduation and with the rest of class 2-A. Kirito an Asuna are shocked. KOB LEADER TRAPPED BEHIND ENEMY LINES". 2.5k. Example: Your leader is named "Thinker", yet he appears to be something of a dullard. The forth volume is the second book of the second series of SAO and the series is … That is their weak point! No bullshit. Tap [Wake Me Up Asuna] in the apps list. Up for a fetch quest? After Asuna’s death, Negi desperately searches for a way to bring her back. The two do this to avert her attention from asking Nekane too many questions about the Black Rose Baron (and eventually letting Nekane spill the beans about her secret identity) despite an unwritten agreement between Negi, Takamichi and his students to keep Nekane’s secret identity to themselves. save. It is at this point that Negi’s childhood friend Anya appears. Neo, Asuna showed strong signs of truly loving Negi as he fought against Fate to tell her just how much she meant to him before their wedding. Asuna is still a main character in SAO season 3. He's been blocking my way out all day. Episode 1 ● Episode 2 ● Episode 3 ● Episode 4 ● Episode 5 ● Episode 6 ● Episode 7 ● Episode 8 ● Episode 9 ● Episode 10 ● Episode 11, Episode 12 ● Episode 13 ● Episode 14 ● Episode 15. Yulier? An interactive digital assistant app titled "Wake Me Up Asuna", in which Asuna provides the user with information such as wake-up calls, current weather, fortune, and appointments, was released in June 2015 in Japan, followed by an international release in English. I am, in fact, a highly advanced Artificial Intelligence designed to psychologically evaluate and care for the players of. Aw, you're too kind. Statistically speaking, that says more about, You wanna take this outside, kid?! Asuna grabs Kirito's face and they awkwardly make out while still talking. Kirito. Kirito, Asuna. After the festival, Negi asked Asuna to come with him back to Wales along with the others to help him find his father. It’s explained in the novel in the Tutorial section. Posted by 3 days ago. Then, she is seen walking with Negi, and they bumped into Evangeline and Setsuna, asking if they we're playing something. Just dig in your heels and. and CR Mahou Sensei Negima! Asuna wins the 4th place of Mahou Sensei Negima! Eventually at some point, Asuna's parents decided he would be her future partner while still completely unaware of his true nature. Oh, yeah. She, along with Negi and the others, are warned about Nodoka being attacked by the “Black Hounds.” They rush to her aid in time to save her. At a nearby telephone booth, Asuna researched up on Negi and his whereabouts, only to find it unknown. She is almost indisputably has the strongest bond with Negi amongst his students and is the closest individual to being an actual “partner” to him. Yeah, I think I got the picture. While Negi was facing Fate, the remaining members of the Ala Alba tried their best retrieving Asuna but Shirabe succeeded on placing Asuna back on the altar. She travels to the Yukihiro house only to find the owner at a public meeting. Kirito turns his gaze to Asuna, making a wicked grin, before turning his attention back to Yui. Shit! During Negi’s negotiations with Fate, Asuna became enraged and hit both Negi and Fate with her harisen, blaming Negi if millions died if he did what Fate said. Virus Free Asuna had wholeheartedly agreed, and so they had promised to spend nights together in-game whenever possible, and then log out in the mornings. The Fatal Scythe attacks Yui, but an invincible barrier blocks it, causing the attack to bounce off harmlessly. The two of them combined their strength and defeated the Mage of the Beginning and his hood pulled back revealing his face. Now cue Evanescence. Afterwards, they returned to the city. The price of the contract was that Asuna was to die at 12:00 midnight on her 14th birthday. It's just the best decision- It's- It's really, like, the best of any decisions anyone has ever made really... Oh! Also they tend to like older men (or in Naru's case, one man). Hmm? It should be noted that in this series, both of Asuna’s eyes are blue, instead of her having heterochromia[2], and her hair takes a life on its own depending on her state of mind, even spells out words and numbers. Her magic cancelling ability was the result of a contract with a demon king (the Devil in the English dub). You don't wanna be married to me?! Many of the early designs are similar to the current Asuna, except with thicker ponytails and minus her trademark "bells" on her head. Select [Wake Me … ). Bu... ut... honey... moon...? Figured I'd bless y'all with Sinon. Hey, I heard those air-quotes, you son of a bitch. We have to say something! But realizing the true feelings behind his words, Asuna accepted Negi's request to be with him forever, sealing it with their final kiss of the manga. Fairy Dance AU. Oh, I'll tell you what we do. Kirito goes berserk, attacking a legion of. The class rep is eternally her quarreling friend. Asuna tends to act like an older sister towards Negi and is very protective of him. As painful as it'll be to let her go, I think we need to find her real parents. Asuna recalled various moments from her life: being encased in some sort of gem and being used as a weapon to end many lives, remembering a being called the “Mage of the Beginning” and later being saved by Nagi and traveling with the Ala Rubra. Asuna, Konoka and Setsuna saw a lot people standing at outside, they curious what's going on so they comes to see it. Despite similarities to Naru, Asuna does have some slight differences: she is among the more academically challenged of the class and doesn't hide her strengths with a double life. In the final volume of the alternate-universe Negima?! In the Live-Action series, she shows a little jealousy when Negi forms a pactio with Konoka and Nodoka. Answered October 14, 2017. Ah, just let him work it out of his system. Although, I do admit, I did enjoy being your pawn. The chances of her victory seemed high due to Setsuna underestimating her, but because of the tournament rules prohibiting bladed weapons and Setsuna’s use of a Shinmeryuu throwing technique, she was disqualified and lost the match. Th-There has be some way to stop it! Would it have killed you to send a quick "Yo! In order to prove her worthiness, Evangeline set up the same apprenticeship test as she had given to Negi, only this time, Asuna needed to score one clean hit on Negi himself. Cut to the "family" eating breakfast around the coffee table. I don't give a. Kirito and Asuna glare at Yulier with dark intent. During the fight, she gets defeated, and one of Fate’s Ministra Magi, Shiori, kisses Asuna which results in the creation of a replication of her. Mahora Girls' Jr. High Class 3-A Students Popularity Poll 2017. We're blowing this! Wake Me Up Asuna. WHY ONLY TWELVE?! But for now, just get my. Asuna has long, orange-brownish chestnut hair and hazel eyes. After searching for a while, the two of them reunited with Konoka and Kaede, and most recently, she has reunited with Negi in Osita, much to her relief. However, due to using too much magic, he is instead transported back to 1994, also unintentionally dragging the entire class with him. 'Cause at this point, I think we need to get doctors involved. She will do everything in her power to find him and help him wake up. The headline reads: "PEACE TALKS BREAK DOWN! Sword Art Online is owned by A-1 Pictures, Aniplex USA and Reki Kawahara. Would you wake your ass up and look at this?! Negima! Beautiful forest, view of the lake. Asuna disagrees, and Fate finally tells her the final secret of the Magical World: that every living being in the Magical World is all but an illusion. He thought he was going to a peace talk. Asuna is often in conflict with other people, especially Ayaka. Oh, well in that case, that sounds... great. Can't see any potential problems with that. As you have probably guessed by now, I am not a normal player. Favorite Answer. Uh, how did you get in our house? She introduce herself as Touta's "grandmother" and revealed she is appear via using Touta's Mars power to creating her illusion, due to his Mars power are connecting Asuna's Mars power and her real body are still sleeping in the Magic World. War of Underworld Part 2 has 11 episodes, with Part 1, that's 23 total. Please support the official release. Kirito and Asuna are at their cabin. Nope! Tap [MENU] > [Battery optimization]. While Negi and the others discovered that Asuna was being held at the Gravekeepers’ Palace, Asuna had fallen into a depression, having flashbacks of her past life.

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